Ramblers Library of Walks

The Ramblers Association are looking for walkers with an eye for detail to help quality-check their growing online library of walking routes.

Volunteers have been hard at work developing great walking routes for independent walkers to enjoy and we now have hundreds of both free and members-only Ramblers Ramblers Library of Walks available to download from our route finder.

But they know that a great route takes more than one pair of eyes so are looking for regular walkers to come on board as route checkers and give these fantastic routes the final Ramblers seal of approval.

Ramblers Library of WalksRoute checkers road-test the route description and map for each walk, ensure the route matches any special features – like being child or dog friendly or having easy access – and carry out a simple risk assessment.

Route checkers are a really important part of creating quality walking routes” says Ramblers Routes Project Manager Justin Bend. “Even if they’ve been checked by the person who developed them, routes also need to be checked thoroughly and risk-assessed by a different person. We also want to make sure the routes are appealing and attractive.

Training and support is available to all route checkers so they can give the Ramblers Library of Walks quality stamp to the routes they assess.

To get involved choose from the list of routes available for checking and email ramblersroutes@ramblers.org.uk or register at www.ramblersroutes.org