Discovering Britain

Discovering Britain

Discovering Britain ( is an exciting series of geographically-themed walks that offers an opportunity to explore Britain’s many and diverse landscapes through story-led walks.

If you have ever wondered about that curious sounding pub name on your street corner? Or strange shaped mounds in the middle of a flat field? Why there are so many deep bodies of water in the Lake District? Or why there are so many castles around the coast of Wales? … then these walks are for you!

About Discovering Britain Walks

Whether you’re looking for a gentle riverside stroll or a hilly climb, to explore a city or follow a coast path, you’ll find a Discovering Britain walk for you.

These walks are designed to be fun, informative and inspiring. Each route is carefully chosen to tell a story about the landscape. Some walks offer an alternative perspective on well-known places; others take you off the beaten track to somewhere you’ve probably never been before. Prepare to discover something new, to be surprised by what’s right on your own doorstep…

How the Project is Developing

Over the next year, The Royal Geographical Society want to create more than 100 inspirational and informative walks that bring our islands’ geography and history alive. They will explore different parts of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. They will be developing new walks all the time, so make sure you visit the website to find out what’s new.

Suggestions for new walks, as well as feedback on existing ones are welcome. If you want to share your views or have an idea for a geographically-themed walk you can get  in touch using their Contact Us form.