Woodland Trust Nature Detectives

Woodland Trust Nature DetectivesLooking for ways to entice your children into The Great Outdoors this Autumn? Then try the Woodland Trust Nature Detective website for some great ideas.

Inspire youngsters about wildlife, woods and trees with the Woodland Trust’s Nature Detectives Club. It gets children outdoors exploring and enjoying the magic of every season with fresh ideas and things to do, at home and in the woods.

A great gift for inquisitive youngsters, there are options for teachers and youth groups too. You can also join the Woodland Trust as a family, helping us plant trees and safeguard woods for the future.

Their seasonal series of Play Booklets are jam packed with ideas for kids in the countryside. The Play Booklets are just some of the numerous downloadable resources on the site. Others include:

  • Autumnal hunt guides for trees, twigs & berries.
  • Animal track and poo guides.
  • Nocturnal animal hunt
  • Spoooooky night-time bingo
  • Fungus, moss & lichen hunt sheets
  • Minibeast ‘on the groud’ ID Dial
  • How to build dens …. and loads more!

And for grown-ups you can follow the Woodland Trust Nature Detectives Facebook page to receive a steady stream of ideas to get your children as enthused about nature as you are.

The Woodland Trust is passionate about getting children into woods, learning about nature while keeping fit and having fun. Nature Detectives is a ground-breaking website and wildlife club for children run by the Woodland Trust, a UK charity. They aim to inspire children, families and schools across the UK through over 1,000 downloads and imaginative ideas to help youngsters enjoy more time outdoors, learning about woods and wildlife.

Web | http://www.naturedetectives.org.uk

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/naturedetectives