“.. ensure that the footpath network is maintained in good condition. This can be demonstrated by making a commitment to ensure that paths are walked at least once a year.”

Brampton Walkers are Welcome are committed to maintaining local footpaths in accordance with Criteria 3 of the National Walkers are Welcome charter above. To help us keep our footpaths in good order and free from obstruction please use the form below to register any problems you encounter.

Use the Footpath Survey Form (pdf) to highlight any issues.

The Cumbria Definitive Map

The Definitive Map and Statement are the legal record of the existence, alignment and status of public rights of way (PROW).  The maps are good to use when you are out enjoying the countryside. It is only worth asking to see the Definitive Map if you have a real legal query that needs to be solved.

View the illustrative PROW map here